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AVALO-energy aims to become the largest renewable energy provider in Europe. AVALO relies on the latest technologies, effective sales tools and the profit sharing of its partners and members. In addition, AVALO and its technology partners are developing a groundbreaking blockchain project to meet the requirements of the energy industry. This includes a reliable and resource-optimised infrastructure as well as low electricity prices for the customer and sustainable environmental protection.

Our Mission

AVALO-energy is a growing community worldwide and promotes the use of renewable energies intensively. With the use of blockchain technology and overdue modernisation of our electricity infrastructure, AVALO is a major driving force behind progress in environmentally friendly energy use. Always bearing in mind that energy must not be expensive for the customer.

Our Strategy

Energy has always been inseparably linked to the financial sector. Costs are incurred in the production of electricity and for the maintenance of the networks. In addition, energy suppliers are burdened with ever higher taxes that the customer has to pay. AVALO-energy has developed a business model with which everyone can reduce their electricity costs to zero and earn money on top of that.

Our Philosophy

Our slogan describes our philosophy. 'The Power Of Us' means that energy belongs to us all and should be available to all without harming nature. And it means that together in a community that fights for the same thing, we can create everything. #TPOU

Energy Partner

Private customers can conclude electricity contracts with the green energy provider e:mondo. All electricity contracts are managed by AVALO-energy or mediated by an AVALO member. Every member receives a lifelong commission share for active customers.

Global Profit Sharing

With the help of the AP products AVALO has convinced supporters worldwide. AVALO Coins and AVTO (ERC20 Token) are transferred daily to AVALO affiliates and partners. AVALO also arranges cross-border investment opportunities for annual profit sharing.

Power Blockchain

The development and research team at AVALO is developing a variety of blockchain features and builds the smart grid for tomorrow's home and work spaces. For everyone - based on a blockchain, mobile apps and supported by deep learning A.I. (AVALO whitepaper). Of course including all knowledge about renewable energy as well as crypto currencies.

We'll be more and more

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The AVALO crowd has grown steadily over the past few years and is now happy to welcome members from 20 different countries worldwide. With the launch of the AVALO IEO and the trading of the AVALO Token (AVTO) on decentralized trading platforms, supporters from Africa, Asia and the USA have even joined. AVALO-energy has thus achieved worldwide recognition. In 2019 various articles appeared in the international crypto press and in european financial magazines.

2021 20 Countries
201915 Countries
2018 9 Countries


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